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Mine Map Grant (MMG)

Information About the MMG:

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) created the Mine Map Grant (MMG) to provide funding to learning institutions and incorporated nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania to process mine maps and mine data into electronic formats that can be used in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other computer applications. Primarily, the MMG will fund the scanning, georeferencing and digitizing of mine maps. However, it will also provide some funding for mine map and document restoration and preservation. All these efforts will improve the quality, quantity and delivery of mining information to the millions of residents of Pennsylvania's mining regions. At the same time, the MMG provides an opportunity for learning institutions and nonprofits to train individuals in the use of the emerging geospatial technologies that will be integral to many computer operations, especially governmental operations that provide services and information to the residents of Pennsylvania. However, the experience gained from creating geospatial elements of a geodatabase is applicable to almost any profession or business, from medicine to marketing.

Please monitor this website for the announcement of future application solicitations, which may begin as early as the fall of 2013. In anticipation of those announcements, examples of previous solicitation packages and the supporting information that is provided for them will be maintained on this website.

If you have questions, please contact us by email at:

The February 2, 2013 Mine Map Grant Application is now closed. Grant awards will be announced on this page.

February 2, 2013 Application Package (PDF) - Provided for informational purposes only.

  • Substantive Questions and Answers to the MMG Application Package, which are a part of the Application Package (PDF)
  • Budget Demo (PDF)
    A demonstration of the Summary and Detailed Budget are provided in this otherwise incomplete application.


    I. Mine Map Processing Standards (PDF)

    II. Data Management Guidance (PDF)

    III. Mine Map and Data Examples

These examples provide samples of various mine maps and data and demonstrate the techniques that will be used to process the maps and data.





    IV. Commonwealth Travel Manual (PDF)

    V. Commonwealth Investment Criteria (PDF)

    VI. Project Selection Information

DEP Inventory Selection

Applicants may use these inventories to select the maps that will be included in their project. Project selection information and inventories of mine maps and data will be updated on this Web page as additional information becomes available. Please call Matthew Cavanaugh at 724-769-1754 or James Welsh at 724-769-1035 for further assistance with your project selections.

Simplified Map Inventory (PDF)

Detailed Map Inventories


The Pennsylvania Historical Underground Mine Map Inventory System provides an inventory of DEP's mine maps.

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